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pendang, KDH, Malaysia
Ceria Logistics Trading providing domestic and international logistic services and supplier of trading items. It shall be our commitment to fulfill the demands and need of domestic, international and transportation and trading highly competitive and cost effective environment. We firmly believe in providing excellent services in our responsibilities toward our internal and external customers. We also distributor for Muslimah clothes such as Abaya/Jubah, T shirts, Kaftan and etc. Our collection is specially design and we are looking forward to make a business relationship with you. Amanda has been at the forefront of Modern Islamic apparel in Malaysia by providing a stylish mix of modesty and practical modernity that suit today’s Muslimah. Amanda products have been associated with quality and affordability, and continue to gain respect and appreciation throughout the world. BECOME OUR BUSINESS PARTNER Amanda is looking for strategic partners in key markets internationally, who have the capital and the passion for Islamic Fashion, to work with us on expanding to new markets.


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